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Thank you for visiting PainPhysicians.com. We have created this website to provide educational resources and information from our team of pain experts. We want to ensure that if you have questions about your pain, we can help you find answers!

MAPS History

Medical Advanced Pain Specialists, P.A. (MAPS) began in 1994, when founder David Schultz, MD, was an operating room anesthesiologist with special expertise in regional anesthesia. His skill in performing nerve blocks and spinal injections for surgical anesthesia led to referrals to treat chronic pain patients. He then realized there was a large population of patients with chronic pain with nowhere to turn for medical help.

Dr. Schultz understood that patients with pain needed to be educated on what was happening in their body, why they were hurting and how they could be treated. He had a vision to create a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who specialize in improving lives through managing pain.

MAPS opened its first pain clinic, North Pain Institute, in 1994, followed by its first multidisciplinary pain clinic, Pain Relief Center, in Coon Rapids in 1997. Currently, MAPS has a strong reputation for providing exceptional interventional pain services to patients in multiple locations. This includes providing a comprehensive approach to care with physical therapy, behavioral health and interventional services. From aquatic therapy in rehabilitation pools to one-on-one sessions with licensed mental health professionals, MAPS is considered a leader in the Twin Cities area in terms of patient care.

MAPS Mission

We are a team of specialized healthcare professionals whose purpose is to relieve pain and improve function in patients with persistent pain who have failed to respond to routine medical care. Our medical specialists combine advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise and compassion with the courage to implement creative solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain. Our practice is dedicated to adding value to the medical marketplace by reducing overall healthcare costs through the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of persistent pain. We do this by continuously improving the quality of our medical interventions and business processes as we strive to perfect the art and science of pain management.