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Why Choose MAPS?
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Why Choose MAPS?

We are a team of specialized health care professionals whose purpose is to relieve pain and improve function in patients with persistent pain who have failed to respond to routine medical care. Our comprehensive pain management specialists combine advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise and compassion with the courage to implement creative pain management solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain. Our pain management practice is dedicated to adding value to the medical marketplace by reducing overall health care costs through the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of persistent pain. Our comprehensive pain management center in Minnesota does this by continuously improving the quality of our medical interventions and business processes as we strive to perfect the art and science of pain management.

Since pain management practices vary greatly in size, philosophy and treatment approaches, it is important for you to know what sets MAPS' comprehensive pain management centers in Minnesota apart from other pain management practices.

Advances in technology and a new understanding of the physiology of pain make it possible to diagnose and treat many types of pain previously thought untreatable. At MAPS, as part of our comprehensive pain management plan, our pain management specialists combine advanced scientific knowledge, technical expertise, compassion and creativity to diagnose and treat all types of pain.

Physical Therapy
At MAPS, the physical therapy department consists of a network of specialized and licensed physical therapists who work directly with patients and their medical team to ensure continuity of care. Whether patients are suffering from a chronic pain condition or an acute injury, the expertise of MAPS therapists in treating pain and movement dysfunction will assist them in reducing pain and achieving their goals.

Behavioral Health
At MAPS, we realize that the stress and mental health challenges caused by pain can be as difficult to cope with as pain itself. We understand that pain can affect nearly every area of life, and that pain that does not improve can easily make a person feel lost, frustrated and worried. MAPS believes that the best way to treat persistent pain is to focus not only on the physical causes and symptoms of pain, but its emotional, social and psychological consequences, as well.

Medication Management
At MAPS, we have a number of tools to help patients in Minnesota manage their pain. Medications used for pain management have various purposes. As part of a comprehensive pain management plan, a MAPS physician may prescribe one or more pain management medications. 

Chronic Pain Program
At MAPS, our comprehensive, four-week Chronic Pain Program offers patients in Minnesota an empowering environment for learning pain management strategies and coping skills.


MAPS: A Multidisciplinary Approach

MAPS Medical Pain Clinics: A Multidisciplinary Approach from MAPS Medical Pain Clinics on Vimeo.




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