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This Group is 370% More Likely to Experience Severe Chronic Pain

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Apr 4, 2017

According to recent research published in the journal Pain, pain is on the rise in America - but it's not evenly distributed. Certain socioeconomic groups are currently at a much higher risk than others. Some may even be 370% more likely to experience severe pain.

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Study: Patients Knowingly Taking Placebos May Experience Pain Relief

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Jan 3, 2017

Typically, the placebo effect involves patients who, believing they are receiving an active medication, experience symptom relief - despite the fact that they're taking an innactive medication. While this effect has been proven time and again, physicians have been unable to use it as a treatment method, since giving patients a placebo without their knowledge wouldn't be an ethical form of treament. But, thanks to a new study, doctors may be able to utilize the placebo effect without deceiving their patients. The study[1] found that patients who knowingly take a placebo for the treatment of chronic low back pain see improvements in both pain and function – which could lead to another avenue of treatment for those battling chronic pain.

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