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This Group is 370% More Likely to Experience Severe Chronic Pain

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Apr 4, 2017

According to recent research published in the journal Pain, pain is on the rise in America - but it's not evenly distributed. Certain socioeconomic groups are currently at a much higher risk than others. Some may even be 370% more likely to experience severe pain.

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Managing Lingering Pain After Shingles

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Mar 7, 2017

When the Chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster) enters your system, it doesn't leave. It reamains in your body and, later in life, has the potential to cause an even more sinister outbreak: shingles. And, to make it worse, the condition brings with it the possibility of long-term chronic pain, a condition known as postherpetic neuralgia. Effectively treating these conditions requires proper and timely treatment. 

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