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Why Is An Interdisciplinary Approach To Pelvic Pain Important?

Posted by Mehul Desai, MD on Feb 13, 2015


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Topics: Chronic Pain, Behavioral Health, Physical Therapy, Pelvic Pain, Intimacy

Chronic Pain and Intimacy

Posted by Pam Wenndt, PT, GCS on Feb 9, 2015

When dealing with chronic pain and intimacy, our bodies don’t always do what we want them to do!  To help with the physical side of things, we may need to use new ways of thinking, moving, positioning and touching.  This is very similar to the way we deal with other areas of our life when we have chronic pain.

Communication is key!

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Topics: Back Pain,, Neck Pain,, Chronic Pain, Physical Therapy, Acute Pain, Pelvic Pain, Intimacy