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Warm-Weather Activities Back & Neck Pain Sufferers Should Avoid – Part Two

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Apr 28, 2015

In part one of our post on the best warm-weather activities for those with neck and back pain, we touched on the pain-fighting benefits of getting your heart pumping. Additionally, we provided some back and neck friendly outdoor activity recommendations to enjoy in the month ahead. In this piece, MAPS experts share insight regarding activities that are best to avoid if you are someone who is experiencing back or neck pain. Be sure to use caution when:

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Topics: Healthy Living, Back Pain,, Neck Pain,, Chronic Pain, Outdoor Activities

4 Pacing Tips To Ease Into Outdoor Activities

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Jun 5, 2014

Summer is here! Besides boosting your vitamin D levels and improving your mood, the good weather can mean great things for your health. Summer can mean a reduction in pain, an increase in activities, gardening fresh vegetables and improving your cardiovascular health! However, nice weather can create problems if you work too hard, too fast.

Medical Advanced Pain Specialist (MAPS) physical therapist, Rigel Johnson, has some great tips to share for pacing yourself and enjoying the great outdoors:

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