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Pain Management Resource Blog

5 Ways Swimming and Water Exercise Prevent Aches and Pain

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Aug 14, 2014

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Topics: Healthy Living, Back Pain,, Neck Pain,, Chronic Pain, Exercise, Pool Therapy

INFOGRAPHIC: The Benefits of Pool Therapy

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Jul 10, 2014

For individuals who have experienced a loss or restriction of joint motion, strength, mobility, or function that has resulted from a disease or injury, aquatic physical therapy may be the answer. Water’s massaging effects and ability to help reduce aches and soreness make it the perfect place to aid pain management. Exercising or stretching in warm water is an ideal environment because the buoyancy experienced counteracts gravity, decreasing weight on painful joints and improving strength, flexibility and balance.

With its ability to increase blood flow, aquatic therapy can also be an important factor when healing from an injury. Hydrostatic pressure exerted by water improves blood circulation and may decrease swelling. Whether you are trying to get back in shape, recover from an injury or strengthen painful joints, aquatic or pool therapy could be the solution to help reduce chronic or acute pain. Get the facts on water’s therapeutic benefits below.

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Topics: Healthy Living, Blog, Pool Therapy