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Pain Management Resource Blog

Infographic: Reduce Pain this Holiday Shopping Season

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Nov 22, 2016

Pain while shopping is a common occurrence. But there are simple ways to lessen you pain levels - and make your holiday shopping a bit easier. 

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INFOGRAPHIC: Holiday Shopping and Pain

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Nov 24, 2014

The holiday season is thought to be one of the most joyous times of year as we join the hustle and bustle to check off the many loved ones on our shopping lists. While the season can bring delight for most, those who suffer from pain may be filled with anxiety when faced with the demands of work, family visitors, parties, cooking and shopping.  Additional stressors of the season may worsen existing pain conditions and cause sudden flare ups. The most important factor in managing pain during this time of year is to pace yourself and not try to do too much at any given time. Here are more tips for managing acute and chronic pain during the busy holiday season:

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