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Pain Management Resource Blog

The Unfortunate Connection Between Pain and Sleep

Posted by Brenda Poppy on Jun 27, 2016

Everyone has experienced how rough life can be after a poor night’s sleep. But for many, lack of sleep is a regular occurrence, routinely affecting their lives. It’s especially common for those with chronic pain. Understanding the true state of sleep among pain sufferers – and what can be done to address it – may help everyone get a few more Zzzs.

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Easy Solutions to Reduce Back Pain

Posted by MAPS Education Team on Oct 23, 2015

Did you know that a myriad of bad habits can result in back pain and neck pain? Many times, reducing back pain and neck pain can come down to changing how you sleep, sit and stand. As an example, maintaining a good posture is an easy way to reduce back pain. A good posture takes painful pressure off your spine by keeping your natural spinal curves in their normal position. Here are some more simple solutions to help manage chronic pain and get you back to enjoying work and life. Read More

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