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MAPS Chronic Pain Program

The MAPS comprehensive, four-week Chronic Pain Program (CPP) offers clinic patients an empowering environment for learning chronic pain management strategies and coping skills. Clinic patients get to learn alongside fellow pain sufferers under the compassionate guidance of the Chronic Pain Program's expertly trained staff.

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Chronic Pain Program patients who attend our land and warm pool exercises increase their overall strength during the course of the chronic pain management program. Land exercise focuses on postural improvements in daily activities. Pool exercise (a favorite of many Chronic Pain Program graduates) helps pain management patients gently increase tolerance to strength, flexibility, coordination and activity.

Relaxation sessions and discussion group meetings are also key components of this chronic pain management program. In our relaxation sessions, clinic patients learn a variety of approaches to relaxation, including but not limited to breathing techniques, neuromuscular education and guided imagery. Chronic Pain Program discussion group meetings educate clinic patients on self-managing pain and stress, covering topics such as depression management, stress management, nutrition, sleep, the nervous system, goal setting, acceptance and anxiety management. MAPS psychologists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and RN specialists lead these groups.

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Most Chronic Pain Program patients have experienced chronic pain for many years and have tried numerous pain management treatments. A MAPS psychologist initially meets with each clinic patient to assess medical history, emotional health and coping skills. Prospective patients must also meet with a MAPS physical therapist for a physical evaluation prior to moving forward. Before starting this chronic pain management program, insurance coverage will be confirmed by our prior authorization department.

Midpoint and discharge meetings are held between the clinic patient, Chronic Pain Program psychologist, nurse practitioner and RN during week two and at the end of week four of this chronic pain management program. In order to gauge further success, patient evaluations are performed at three-, six- and 12-month intervals upon completion of the chronic pain management program.

Facilitated aftercare support groups, which are held twice per month, are available for Chronic Pain Program graduates. Those who have successfully completed this chronic pain management program are welcome to attend as often as they desire. Independent use of the MAPS therapy pools is also available for three months after completion of the program.

Since its inception in 2000, the MAPS Chronic Pain Program has helped nearly 1,000 patients.