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Sports Injury

Sports injuries are common at every age and can often have lasting effects. When your painful sport injury lasts for more than a few weeks, it is important to see a sports injury pain relief doctor or specialist to help ensure your pain does not become chronic pain. After a full evaluation, a pain relief doctor or specialist can tailor a sport injury pain relief treatment plan according to your needs and to help you return to the playing field, court, course, or even just the backyard.

Sports Injury Symptoms:

Sports injuries are such a broad term that symptoms can range from moderate to severe.

Sports Injury Causes:

Some sports injuries are due to overuse of a certain area of the body, while others may be because of trauma to the area. Other causes could be faulty equipment, improper warm ups or overexertion of the body.

Sports Injury Risk Factors:

Those who are actively involved in sports or physical activity are susceptible to sports related injuries.

Sports Injury Testing:

Because the symptoms of sports injuries are so broad, testing must be determined by a clinic doctor, after a complete medical history and physical exam, in order to properly diagnose an injury.

Sports Injury Treatment Options:

Often times rest and ice may be enough treatment for sports injuries, but if the pain symptoms do not lessen it is important to see a sport injury pain relief doctor. There are a number of sports injury pain relief treatment options that help reduce the painful symptoms following a sports injury, which include:

At MAPS, our sports injury clinic doctors and specialists value the importance of an interdisciplinary approach. For those sports injury pain relief treatments not offered by MAPS, we are able to refer you to other sports injury clinic doctors and specialists.