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Work Injury Treatment

MAPS is experienced in treating patients suffering from work injuries and car accidents. Our work injury clinic welcomes worker's compensation patients. Our experienced pain treatment clinic doctors and medical staff works with your insurance company to make sure you receive the care you need for your specific work injury. 

Work Injury/Car Accident Symptoms:

Often, car accidents and work injuries may not result in immediate pain. It is important to be seen by a clinic doctor after any collision or accident in case of internal injury or spine misalignment. As in most cases, early intervention can lead to a proper recovery.

Work Injury Causes:

Lifting, falling, cutting and repetitive motion can all result in injury on the job.

Work Injury Risk Factors:

Those working in more physically demanding industries are at greater risk for getting a work related injury.


Because the symptoms of work injuries are so broad, testing must be determined by a work injury clinic doctor in order to properly diagnose an injury.

Work Injury/Car Accident Treatment Options:

There are a number of work injury treatment options our work injury clinic can provide that help the painful symptoms following a work injury or a car accident, which include:

At MAPS, our work injury treatment clinic doctors and specialists value the importance of an interdisciplinary approach. For those work injury treatments not offered by MAPS, we are able to refer you to other work injury clinic doctors.