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Tools & Quizzes
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Tools & Quizzes

We are pleased to offer a number of tools to help you learn more about and manage your pain.

What’s Your Pain Score?

Does pain affect you when you sleep, work or do daily activities? Take our short "What's Your Pain Score" quiz to determine the influence pain has on your life.

Back Pain Risk Scale

Are you at risk for back pain? Find out here! Take this short Back Pain Risk Scale quiz to see what factors in your life might increase your chances of having back pain.

Pain Journal

Click the link on the left to download our Weekly Pain Journal now, so you can keep track of how you are feeling. Use this tool to understand what activities or tasks cause you pain and what you have used successfully in the past to reduce pain.

10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

The easiest way to have a painless discussion about pain with your doctor starts with knowing what questions to ask. Take a look at the 10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor checklist of questions you should consider asking at your appointment.