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Back Pain Risk Scale
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Back Pain Risk Scale

How old are you?

Back pain affects 80% of people over the age of 30 at some point in their lives.

Do you smoke?

Smoking contributes to the potential for back pain.

Are you overweight?

Excess weight increases your chance of developing back pain.

How often do you exercise?

Regular exercise can help prevent back pain.

How often do you lift heavy objects?

Lifting heavy objects can contribute to strain on the back; be sure you are using proper lifting techniques.

Have you already experienced back pain?

Once you have back pain, there is a greater chance it will return.

Your score: 0
0 Congratulations! You are doing what you can to prevent spine pain.
1-4 Low risk - You are doing many things right to prevent spine pain.
5-8 Potential risk - You should change some habits.
9-12 Moderate risk - See a doctor to learn more about prevention.
13-16 Significant risk - You need to change habits now to prevent spine pain.
17-20 Serious risk - Spine pain is likely.