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mypainphysicians is a free, secure and easy-to-use website that gives Medical Advanced Pain Specialists patients and their families 24-hour access to their health information. mypainphysicians offers the flexibility to contact your provider’s office or access your medical records when it’s convenient for you. Receive notices to your personal email account when there is important information available in your mypainphysicians account.

How Do I Enroll In mypainphysicians?

Let your provider’s staff know you are interested in signing up at your next appointment. They’ll provide you with a secure ID and password and some valuable tips for using the portal.

Why use mypainphysicians?

mypainphysicians is secure and confidential. By enrolling with mypainphysicians, you will be able to:

  • Communicate quickly with your provider’s office to get answers to your medical questions.
  • Easily request medication refills.
  • Check pending insurance authorization requests.
  • View medical records and lab results.
  • Request appointment information.
  • Get answers to questions about medications and prescriptions. 

When NOT to Use mypainphysicians

Please do not use mypainphysicians for urgent medical matters – call your doctor’s office instead. For  emergencies, always call 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency department