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Pain Awareness Month Resources

Pain Awareness Month (PAM) was created to increase awareness about the effects of pain and to educate citizens about the advanced treatment options available to help alleviate pain.

As such, the team of pain experts at Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS) wanted to provide free access to a number of helpful and educational materials that can be easily viewed, shared and used to promote awareness.

maps-pam-press-kit-coverPain Awareness Month Press Kit
The PAM press kit includes all of the information you need to understand and educate others about Pain Awareness Month. Included you will find a comprehensive guide with statistics, facts, sample press releases, sample blogs and social media posts, graphics -- the works! Download your press kit, today.


maps-pam-infographic-finalPAM Infographic
Statistics, graphics, history and all the information you need about Pain Awareness Month in one simple infographic. Download and share it today!



maps-pam-fb-quotes-tzuFREE Inspirational Quote Magnets
We are sharing weekly inspirational quotes on our Facebook page during the month of September!


maps-pam-brochure-web-imgPAM Brochure
If you'd like a quick snapshot review of PAM, download this brochure to understand the history and goals of PAM and how MAPS can help.




maps-pam-fb-stat-workers-lose-hoursPAM Sharable Statistics
Download all of our statistics to share on your social media sites or on your own blog. All files are formated perfectly for Facebook and can help enhance your PAM educational initiatives! Statistic 1, Statistic 2, Statistic 3, Statistic 4, Statistic 5, Statistic 6


maps-pam-button-web-imgPAM Buttons
What's Your Pain Score? An important question that can help you on the road to finding an appropriate treatment plan. Get your own button to help promote this wonderful tool, and spread the word about PAM.


PAM Bracelets
What better way to support PAM than to wear an awareness bracelet. Pick on up at your local clinic and show your support! #GoYellow!